July 16, 2019

Sod is highly perishable, especially during the hot summer months. Heat can build up within a roll quickly and cause damage to the turf. The most successful sod installations are done right after delivery. It is important to irrigate deeply, until it’s soggy to walk on, within 15-30 minutes of installing a roll of sod.


  • Sod not rooting– Most sod varieties will begin to root within 10-14 days. Check watering schedule and adjust to deeper, less frequent soaking. Also, excessive shade will slow down rooting.
  • Bluish-grey spots on lawn/footprints after being walked on – Drought stressed spots on the lawn. Water those areas immediately and adjust sprinkler coverage and watering schedule.
  • Edges turning brown and/or gaps between rolls– Sod is shrinking or has pulled up at the corners. Due to lack of water! Increase minutes per watering and frequency to minimize gaps. Also, hand watering sod will help shrink gaps.

As taken from several different sources.