May 4, 2018

Fred Zander started Zander Sod Co. Limited at a time when sod was harvested, loaded and unloaded by hand!

Over time, harvesters were developed that cut and rolled the sod for a person to pile by hand onto pallets.  Cranes were introduced onto the trucks for easier unloading.

Now we have automated harvesters that cut, roll and pile the sod directly onto skids.  We have forklifts to load our fleet and automatic tarping systems on our trailers!  Truck mounted forklifts are able to efficiently unload and place the turf at the site.  Times have certainly changed!

Right from the beginning, Zander Sod Co. Limited has been dedicated to quality turf, exceptional service and giving great value.  As much as technology has changed our business, our core values have remained the same!