Sports Fields

Zander Sod takes pride in providing the best quality sod for your sportsfield. We have varieties that suit your playing surfaces and category needs. We grow our sod to withstand the highest levels of traffic and allowing for quick recovery. Our sod has superior colour and is monitored by an Agronomist to ensure the nutrient levels are balanced for optimum turf health. From seed bed preparation right up to harvesting day we adjust levels as required to provide the best quality turfgrass.


blue grass being treated

Zander Sod’s Number 1 Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular choice for residential and commercial lawns, sports fields and parks.

We custom blend top performing cultivars, producing a turf which is specifically suited to our climatic zone with excellent temperature and drought tolerance as well as high resistance to disease.

Our Kentucky Blue provides an attractive, dense turf with great colour from spring to fall.

We supply our #1 Kentucky Bluegrass to most of the top rated golf courses in Canada.

fescue grassZander Sod Extreme Fescue is a superior combination of very highly ranked grasses in the NTEP trials. Creeping Red Fescue complimented with Chewing Fescue and a little Kentucky Bluegrass to give some soil strength for harvesting. Our Extreme Fescue sod is low maintenance requiring less fertilizer and irrigation. While all grasses require some sunlight to grow our Extreme Fescue blend is a little more shade tolerant than Kentucky Bluegrass. Characteristics:

  • Very stress tolerant
  • Very fine leaf texture
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Shade tolerant
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Medium growth rate for less mowing
  • Drought tolerant
  • Excellent close mowing tolerance
  • Requires less fertility
  • Requires less water

Ideal Use:

  • Applications include golf course rough, parks, sports fields and residential lawns.
  • Naturalized areas, pond and river bank buffers

Harvesting Options:

  • Available in small or big roll formats
  • Produced on a native sandy loam that compliments all Ontario soils

Zander Sod offers supply or supply and installation options for your project. Regardless of your needs we will deliver a superior product and provide service that is second to none.


We are pleased to be able to supply a variety of services for your new construction project, maintenance of an existing sports field or complete renovation work. Our crew is available for:

  • Sod Install
  • Finish Grading
  • Sports Field Renovations
  • Seeding and Brillion, and
  • Cultural Practices

Please contact our office for more information or for a quote on your project.

Zander Sod offers full sportsfield renovations from sod removal to finish grading to sod installation of any size area. We have small and big rolls to suit your project needs. Our expert crew is fast, professional and can handle the most challenging jobs with minimal waste. They have the knowledge and skills to properly install the sod for your project.

Call today for a quote. Not only will you receive the best sod in the business you will have the expertise of the best install crew in the business.

Koro Planer removing sodZander Sod Turf Services offers the Koro Turf Remover for a fast and highly effective way to remove large areas of turf for replacement. It removes the sod and thatch back to the original growing surface for immediate sod installation. This is much more efficient than the labour intensive alternatives. We can remove the turf on your entire sportsfield or just the typical wear areas to be replaced in a very short period of time.

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grass fieldMany benefits can be realized by custom growing turf for your sportsfield one year in advance. Let Zander Sod plant and grow the grass variety or blend of your choice on your desired growing medium. It also allows you to have insight on the grow in of your sod.

drill and fill service machine Zander Sod Turf Services is the only contractor in Ontario to offer the Drill and Fill Service. This is the most effective way to change your soil profile without reconstruction. The machine has 24 drill bits spaced 7 inches apart which drill to a depth of 12 inches. The bits actually auger the unwanted material out and the holes are immediately filled with sand. There is the option for a single application which gives you 7 inch x 7 inch spacing. Or we can do a double application which tightens the spacing to 7 inches x 3.5 inches. Whether you are dealing with a sportsfield that you want to change the profile in or a field with very low percolation rates, our Drill and Fill service can make the difference.

Call for a quote today and discover the difference Drill and Fill can make to the performance of your sportsfield.

Cultural Practices

Zander Sod is pleased to offer many services for golf course construction or renovation projects.
We also have a variety of cultural practice options to assist in meeting the IPM protocol. We offer:

aeration machine in useZander Sod Turf Services offers sportsfield aeration and full clean up. Aeration can be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish on a busy sportsfield. Not only is it time consuming but it is also labour intensive. Let Zander Sod do your aerifying for you. We have two Toro 880 tractor mount aerifiers and the full clean up equipment. We have various options to choose from aerifying only to full clean up as well. Our knowledgeable staff works closely with the Sports Turf Manager to expedite the process and to ensure contractor confidence.

Call for a quote today and leave the cultural practices to us.

vertidrain machine in useZander Sod Turf Services has two Vertidrain 7316 units available to deep tine your sportsfield efficiently with very little disruption. Our experienced operators work closely with the sports turf manager to ensure contractor confidence. We have various tine diameters with depth options from 4”-12”. A degree of kick can be added to shatter the soil and give the full benefit of the service.

Call for a quote today.

core harvester in useZander Sod Turf Services offers Core Harvesting to clean up cores after aerifying. We have two core harvesters for quick clean up so your greens are not out of play. We can just take care of the clean up or we can handle both services for you aerifying and full clean up. Call for a quote today.

overseeding before and after animationZander Sod Turf Services offers overseeding and interseeding services for sportsfields. Whether you are overseeding to get turf back or interseeding to increase your chosen turfgrass population we can help. We can overseed your entire field or focus in on the high traffic areas. We have a Triwave 60 which has large blades that create precise channels with exact alignment to the seed tubes to ensure accuracy for optimum seed to soil contact. Small rear rollers follow in and smooth out the channels.

Call for a quote today.

verticuttingZander Sod Turf Services offers a superior and practical way to manage the thatch in your sportfields. Our Sissis Veemow is PTO driven to maximize power to the blades to handle the most severe thatch conditions. The blades are 1.5 inches apart for tight removal of thatch and the depth is dependent on conditions. Our experienced operators work close with the Sports Turf Managers to set up the machine to a comfortable depth and continue to monitor this throughout the service. Our service is thorough and is a very efficient way to remove large amounts of thatch over many acres. Also, we have various service options available for you to choose, from just verticutting to full cleanup.

Call for a quote today and leave the cultural practices to us.

top dressingZander Sod Turf Services offers full topdressing services to meet your needs. We have a Turfco CR 10 which applies an even and very consistent sand cover to smooth the playing field. Our experienced operators and full equipment fleet allow us to get the job done efficiently. We also have a smaller Turfco Widespin for tighter areas as necessary.

Call for a quote today and leave the cultural practices to us.

root pruningZander Sod Turf Services Root Pruning will stop those feeder roots that are causing issues on your greens, tees, fairways and bunkers. Two sets of blades set 8 inches apart sever the root at two points to prevent the root from grafting back together. The heavy duty blades drive to a depth of 12 inches and are capable of cutting large roots up the 6 inches in diameter.

Our root pruner is very efficient which allows us to get large areas done in minimal time with zero clean up. The only evidence left behind is two small slits in the turf. The rear roller smooth’s the turf so well that you will not even know we were there. Our professional operators work closely with the Golf Course Superintendent to plan out the most effective path to maximize productivity and results.

Call today for a quote and benefit from the most effective and zero mess root pruning method available.

turf vacuumZander Sod Turf Services offers a vacuum service to cleanup leaves in the fall, biomass removal from verticutting or to aid you in the cleanup of cores during aerification. Our experienced operators will work with you to cleanup your sportsfield and save you time.

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Zander Sod Turf Services offers our meri-crusher service to assist in all of your construction needs. It is a fast and efficient way to ready your site for re-grading and re-grassing as it pulverizes the soil up to a depth of 4 inches. You do not even have to remove the grass.

Call for a quote today and save time and money on the labour intensive alternative.