Installation Tips

Healthy Lawns
The best weed control is dense healthy turf. Weeds simply have no place to get started.

Zander Sod arrives on your site at optimum nutrient levels. A fertilizer program could be implemented 30-60 days after installation. Consult your local garden center or lawn maintenance company for local recommendations. If your previous lawn (or your neighbour’s) has had insect problems, monitor your turf carefully. Control measures may be necessary.

For an instantly beautiful green lawn, follow each step carefully. When your sod is delivered, Zander Sod will provide you with a maintenance guide for the variety of sod you purchased. Be sure to follow the maintenance guide for best results.

How Much Sod Do I Need?
Zander Sod is sold by the 9 square foot roll or 1 square yard. Measure your lawn area (length x width = sq. ft., divide by 9 = sq. yards) to determine the amount of sod you will need. Example: 12′ x 30′ = 360 ft. 360 / 9 = 40 square yards of sod or 40 rolls.

Call Zander Sod 1-877-727-2100 if you require assistance with measuring for your project.

How Do I Prepare For Sod?
Step 1: Prepare the area to be sodded by working and loosening the top 10-15 cm of soil. Remove any debris and lumps. Analyze soil for consistency. Soil additives/amendments, such as peat moss can be obtained from your local garden centre. Be sure that the grade has water running away from the buildings, toward ditches. If additional soil is needed, order a shredded sandy-loam from your local supplier.

Hint: Lightly rolling the area will clearly show the grade (any depressions) and allow any corrections.

Step 2: Apply a high phosphorous, slow release fertilizer, such as our starter fertilizer 8-32-16 at 4kg per 100 square metre to ensure optimum fertility for the root zone.

Step 3: Rake in fertilizer to a depth of 5-10cm.

How Do I Install It?

Step 4: Water prepared area lightly to settle soil and provide a moist base for turf. This will also cool the soil, reducing stress on the roots of the fresh sod (most important during hot summer days.)

Step 5: Install turf immediate after delivery. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL THE SOD BE UNROLLED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF HARVEST. Have sufficient watering equipment available and ready.

Step 6: Begin unrolling turf along the longest straight line, such a driveway, butting all joints tightly together without overlapping. Raking ahead may be necessary to remove tractor and foot marks. Next continue to lay sod along perimeter of either end. Then lay sod in brick work fashion. As you complete one area, start watering immediately (within 15 minutes.) This will minimize the stress on the thousands of turfgrass plants. Apply at least 2-3 cm (1 inch) of water using a sprinkler for even distribution (enough that when a corner of an installed roll is lifted moisture has soaked through the roots and is being absorbed by the topsoil.)

Hint: Edges along asphalt and concrete, as well as areas on top of embankments and mounds, will require more water.

Step 7: After installing the turf, roll the entire area to improve turf/soil contact and to remove air pockets.

Step 8: Enjoy your new ZANDER SOD.

Watering Schedule, Mowing and Maintenance
The newly installed turf will need to be watered daily for the first week. During the second week, every second day is usually sufficient. The quantity will depend on temperature, time of year, and soil conditions. The sod should not get so dry as to discolor or curl on edges, nor should it be so wet as to be under water or mushy for any length of time.

Your new ZANDER SOD should need mowing in 7-10 days. It is important not to let the grass plant get too long. When mowing, never remove more that 1/3 of the plant. Ideal cutting height is 4-7 cm (1½ – 2½”). If using a gas powered mower, keep motor idling the first time or two, so as not to pull turf up off the ground. BE SURE THAT YOUR MOWER IS SHARP FOR A NICE CLEAN CUT.