Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sod

How far in advance do I need to order?

We typically recommend 48 hours notice, however if less notice is given we will try to accommodate your time schedule. Our delivery window in most areas is from Monday to Friday. We generally do not ship over the weekend.

How far in advance do I need to order custom grown sod?

Generally speaking the more advance notice that is given to us, the better we can accommodate your needs. To grow sod to maturity we need a minimum of 12 months of good growth, depending on the species of grass.

How big is a roll of sod and how much does it weigh?

Our regular rolls are 24″ wide by 54″ long which will cover 9 square feet. Each of our skids holds 80 rolls which will cover 720 square feet. Depending on the moisture content, each roll will weight approximately 40 lbs. or 3200 pounds per skid.

How thick is the sod?

The sod thickness depends on the species of grass, the age of the grass and the cultural practices that have taken place. Typically the root thickness varies between ¼” to ½” , the best way to know for sure is to call ahead.

What is the height of cut when the sod is shipped out?

The following are our standard cutting heights:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass 2″
  • Bentgrass 5/16″
  • Fescue 2″

Please call our office to verify specific height of cut for the particular variety you are interested in.

How do I get your sod?

You have three options. We can deliver the sod directly to your jobsite or home or you can pickup sod right from our field (please confirm with our office before arrival) or you can pick up rolls from our Kettleby office. As sod is highly perishable, it is always advisable to call ahead (1-877-727-2100) to confirm availability or to arrange delivery.

Does the truck come with a forklift to off load?

Many of our trucks are equipped with forklifts to off load at curbside. Smaller orders may be unloaded by hand.

How much extra sod should I be ordering?

If you have been able to measure accurately the area needing sod, you should not need more than 2% extra for cutting and trimming.